Stonehaven Sea Safari

Dramatic boat tours taking in Dunnottar castle and the chance to visit puffins, seals, gulliemots, razor bills along with other migrant birds. Dolphins are often spotted on our trips from 45 minutes to 2 hours.

Our 2021 season has ended. See you in Spring 2022!

Get ready to see some of the most dramatic coastline on the East Coast of Scotland as we transport you safely at speed for an unforgettable trip!  Experience the thrill of our specially built Sea Safari boat as we get you up close and personal to some of the world’s most popular sea and wildlife.

Whether it’s beautiful and highly intelligent dolphins or the unmistakable colours of the Puffin to the secret caves and waterfalls that cannot be seen from land, you are guaranteed to have an amazing experience for the whole family to enjoy.

stonehaven sea safari
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Good To Go Scotland

If any of our customers start to feel unwell with Covid-19 symptoms we ask you not to leave your accommodation to join us. We will ask one member of the party to sign a declaration confirming that no-one in the group is experiencing any covid-19 symptoms.

The Booking Process

Whenever possible we will encourage our customers to pay in advance, either via our online booking system or over the telephone. If this is not possible, we have a card machine on the pier. Payment by cash is still accepted if necessary.

Customer Arrival

We ask that you park your vehicle in the public car park or park on the pier, but spaces are limited. – this ensures you and your vehicle are kept safe and clear from other visitors and residents.

When getting in and out of your car please ensure there is a 2m distance between you and others. Please wait in your car until others have passed if necessary.

Measures we are taking to keep our team and customers safe

• At our trailer we will have fully sanitised all surfaces prior to re-opening and have created an ongoing cleaning / sanitising routine checklist.
• Hand sanitiser is available for any passenger to use.
• The credit card machine will be sanitised after each use.
• If you have already paid, we ask that only one member of your group comes forward to confirm your parties booking.
• Our trailer has been positioned at the end of the pier close to the boats to reduce any casual “mingling” with members of the public.
• Our crew member will welcome you at the government guideline safe distance measure and direct you to your “kit up zone” which will be separate from any other group who may be kitting up at the same time.
• Each group will have an allocated box in which you will find your lifejackets. The lifejackets will have been sanitised as advised by the
• The crew member will demonstrate for you how to put on your lifejacket and how to check it is correctly fitted – at a distance.
• During the boarding process we will ensure each group (if more than one group) is kept at the government guideline safe distance measure. We will allocate your seats before boarding and each group will be seated to ensure safe distance guidelines are followed.
• The skipper will have cleaned/sanitised all relevant areas of the boat prior to bringing the boat alongside.
• The skipper will explain the boarding process – the skipper will be there to assist if needed and during this time the skipper will be wearing face protection and gloves.

**Remember it is not possible to carry out or guarantee complete disinfection, the goal is to minimize risk**

Measures we ask you to adhere to

To ensure we protect our local community, our team and you, our customers, we kindly ask that you adhere to the following procedures when you join us here:

• Stonehaven is a popular seaside resort which can get very busy. Some residents are potentially vulnerable so we ask that our customers ensure they follow the government’s social distancing rules whilst here and please be aware that many residents and other harbours will be about, we respectfully ask that due care is taken in regards to driving speed.
• We ask that you park your vehicle in a responsible place.
• At this time, we will not be providing you with waterproofs, so we ask that you ensure you are wearing enough layers to be out on the open RIB. Our standard guidance is to wear what you think you need and add another layer. It is always a lot colder out on the water than it is on land. You can always take something off if you get too hot, consider bringing gloves and a hat. In addition, we will be supplying free disposable ponchos which are one-use which we will recycle on your return.
• We ask that all members of the group wear face coverings at a minimum during the boarding and disembarkation times, also if the boat is sitting stopped. Sorry, no face covering will result in no trip. Due to possible loss of facemasks, we ask that “buff style face coverings are used to prevent accidental pollution” We have these available as an option when you book, or we have a supply on the pier.
• We ask that all members of the group wear gloves during the boarding and disembarkation times – we can provide nitrile gloves if necessary.
• Once the tour is over and you have disembarked, we ask that you return to the kitting up trailer, your “kit box” will be waiting for you – we ask that all lifejackets are returned to your box so they can be cleaned, sanitised, and stored following the guidelines from

We welcome any constructive feedback. This is new to us, but we are trying to keep everyone safe but still be able to enjoy our wonderful coastline and wildlife.

The Castle Trip

"Seeing Dunnottar Castle from the sea was amazing, not to mention, the secret beach, giants steps or the waterfall, all of which I didn’t know existed! And I have lived in the area for 39 years. The crew of the 4 brothers were knowledgable both with the wildlife and the history of Dunnottar Castle. The staff on the quayside were also very friendly and helpful."

"This was the perfect trip; weather, seals, guillemots, kittiwakes and puffins and the icing on the cake, a massive pod of bottlenose dolphins traveling south to north up the coast feeding. The crew were great, sitting off from the pod, giving them space, not harassing them and staying long enough that we all got a good view, but not too long to disturb the animals"

The Aberdeen Explorer

"Highly recommend a trip. Friendly staff with knowledge of the beautiful coastline, history and wildlife. Waterproofs were provided which we appreciated. Boarded at Stonehaven harbour and headed down the coast to Catterline. Saw seals, puffins and lots of kittiwakes. Hold tight for a thrilling ride back"